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Weston Hancock is a well-known media personality from Los Angeles, California who rose to fame during the pandemic in early 2020 through TikTok. His entertaining content on TikTok led him to start his own YouTube channel where he created videos in his free time. His popularity skyrocketed after one of his TikTok videos went viral, gaining media attention. In 2020, Weston also hosted a Spotify original podcast called “The Sleepover” where he shared personal stories about his battle with depression and anxiety, allowing him to connect with his listeners on a deeper level. Unfortunately, after two seasons, Weston decided to end the podcast, citing its negative impact on his mental health. Despite going dark on his podcast and YouTube channel, Weston has continued to attend high-profile events like the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Rolex, among others. He still occasionally posts on Instagram and TikTok, but he has shifted his focus to his family and education.

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